Town of Milan Bicentennial event 4/7/2018

This Saturday (April 7th, 2018), I’ll be talking the ears of anyone who will listen about the book at the Town of Milan Bicentennial event. The address sounds out there, but the town hall is just west of the gas station near the Taconic Parkway off Rt 199 between Pine Plains and Red Hook. Can’t miss it. Big banner. Plenty of parking. The forecast is for rain/snow with a high of 46 so you don’t have any gardening to do, so…

Come over and say hi! Get a rare change to see the quilt in person! Thrill at the…uh…cool historic stuff!


Index of Names added!

I’ve added a new page with the index of names that appear on the quilt. Use the “Index of Names” link above to check it out.

Recognize someone? Let me know by using the “Contact” link above. I’d love to include your family or locale photos in the book. I’ve already made quite a few connections through my research with great folks who have shared not only images but stories about their ancestors, helping me to paint a clearer picture of life in Jackson Corners at the turn of the century.

Work work work…


I decided I should probably start up a site about the book as I’m not sure I can finish it in time for the Milan Bicentennial event in April. I’ve been working on this on and off for the last seven years or more, and am closer to publication than not these days. While I would love to have a book ready by then, I also want to publish a good book. Also, every time I talk to someone, I get great new info and/or leads to even more info that makes the history I’m trying to bring to life richer with every contact I make. 

Thank you for your interest and please sign up for post notifications or bookmark this link. I’ll be sharing progress and eventually, how to get your hands on a copy!

Panel #15
L. Jackson
J. Van Tassel
F. Strever
Edna Van Tassel
Geo. Wolcott
Peter Hoffman
Viola Van Tassel