Addition – Jackson Corners Grange

The Jackson Corners Grange c.1905 Among the many family photos Alice Colburn shared with me were two group shots that took my breath away! Labeled “Jackson Corners Grange” on the back, though I didn’t need the label to tell, these are photos of the officers and perhaps the full membership of the Jackson Corners Grange… Continue reading Addition – Jackson Corners Grange


Addition – Page 160, Eugene Ackert

Surprise! Turns out I’m related to more people on the quilt! Well, kind of distantly, retroactively, and through marriage, but related none the less! Eugene Ackert from Block 14, the Rock City block, was the grandfather of my cousin Jack Pulver’s wife Minajean. Both Jack and Jean are gone, now, but their photo collections passed… Continue reading Addition – Page 160, Eugene Ackert

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Correction – Page 150, Edna Bathrick

The first major error that’s been brought to my attention is that this photo on page 150 I had labeled Edna (Bathrick) Coons is Edna’s daughter, Elsie (Coons) Greenfield,. Her granddaughter Debby Loucks pointed this out to me and I am insanely indebted to her for her sharing her family photos which were all labeled!!… Continue reading Correction – Page 150, Edna Bathrick


Addition – Page 112, Adam Edelman

This is the first of a series of posts featuring additional information I’ve either found or been given after the book was published. If you have family photos, or know more than I do, please contact me! Germantown Town Historian, Thomas Shannon wrote to me with some additional information about Adam Edelman and I’m delighted… Continue reading Addition – Page 112, Adam Edelman