Addition – Page 160, Eugene Ackert

Surprise! Turns out I’m related to more people on the quilt!

Well, kind of distantly, retroactively, and through marriage, but related none the less!

Eugene Ackert from Block 14, the Rock City block, was the grandfather of my cousin Jack Pulver’s wife Minajean. Both Jack and Jean are gone, now, but their photo collections passed to their granddaughter Laura, who let me scan them and I gasped when I saw this photo, thankfully labeled! Thanks, Cousin Laura!

Eugene & Rose Ackert c.1905 [Laura Pulver -]
Eugene & Rose Ackert c.1905, courtesy of Laura Pulver Kramarz
 If you have family photos, or know more than I do about what I wrote in the book, please contact me!

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