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The Book Is Here!!!

Official release date is 1/11/22 but I HAVE BOOKS!!!

I just picked them up at Color Page in Kingston, today.

Want one? You can go to Oblong Books and order one!

My head is spinning a little. I got the quilt 11 years ago, and I didn’t write for the entire time, but it sure seems like a decade-long process. So much has happened in my life since then, but my love for local history and especially for researching people that others have forgotten has only grown stronger. Can’t wait for the next thing, and yes, I sure do have a couple big things in the hopper.

Thank you to everyone who contributed (see Acknowledgements page) and encouraged me along the way.

If you would like me to speak at your historical society meeting or something similar, please email me.

3 thoughts on “The Book Is Here!!!

  1. HI Sarah,
    Saw today’s Red Hook Daily Catch and read the interesting story about your 1903 Jackson Corners Signature Quilt. What a unique way to travel back in time and hold a piece of local history.
    For years I wondered why the train was called the Hucklebush Line and your article has answered the question. Growing up in Red Hook I never knew a railroad went though it. Years later a old map allowed me discover this part of history I never knew.
    Best of luck with you book.
    Joe M

    1. Thanks so much, Joe! I hope you like the book and learn lots more interesting trivia about our area in the not-so-distant past. – Sarah

  2. I read the Historic Red Hook post about you & the book, and I kept translating HRH as Her Royal Highness. Because you are a FANCY PERSON.

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