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Correction/Addition – Brenzel, Bathrick, Kilmer

One of my favorite things about having written this book is that I am now able to connect with people who descend from the folks whose names are embroidered on the quilt. I’ve made several connections, and recently through Alice Colburn I connected with Janis Lawson, a descendant of Henry Brenzel and many others! She… Continue reading Correction/Addition – Brenzel, Bathrick, Kilmer


Addition – Jackson Corners Grange

The Jackson Corners Grange c.1905 Among the many family photos Alice Colburn shared with me were two group shots that took my breath away! Labeled “Jackson Corners Grange” on the back, though I didn’t need the label to tell, these are photos of the officers and perhaps the full membership of the Jackson Corners Grange… Continue reading Addition – Jackson Corners Grange