Jackson Corners Vigilant Association

I will be speaking about the quilt at the 150th anniversary celebration of the Jackson Corners Vigilant Association for the Detection of Horse Thieves, Sunday November 18th at 4PM. See below flier for details. Seven men named on the quilt were members in 1903 and I’m going to chat about them at the event.

I joined last year as part of my effort to learn more about the history of the area, and I have been a member of the Red Hook Society for the Apprehension and Detention of Horse Thieves for several years. These organizations were formed by men who owned horses hoping to prevent or deter the theft of their horses, apprehend the thieves, get their horses back, or at least be compensated from club funds for the loss. Though not many members own horses anymore, the organizations persist as charitable organizations, donating to local causes or sponsoring agricultural scholarships.

If you would like to say you are a card-carrying vigilante, please attend this celebration or see me about or Larry Brody about joining – his contact info is also below. Click for .PDF version -> JC Vigilant Assoc

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